Think about yourself, think about the environment : RECYCLE PLASTIC.

Every day, 7 billion of people eat and consume millions of industrial products  packaging of plastic.  While some of them are  dying from drought ,  89 billion of plastic‘s water bottles are sold all around the world.

Why do we buy water bottles or anything made from plastic? Where does all that plastic’s quantity go?  What human does with it  as a rubbish?

Plastic is made of petroleum. It was discovered in 1869 by the two scientists and brothers ‘Hyatt’,  in the purpose of replacing the ivory‘s uncontrolled use in human daily needs.  Years passed and it invaded our daily life.  We try to hide it,   it doesn’t work.  Its average life, before its decomposition in nature, is about 500 hundred years.

Recently, and thanks to human imagination, different ways had been developed to eradicate the rubbish of plastics:

Recycling plastic reduces   the percentage of pollution.

*We can notice more than a trick to make new useful daily life products.


*We can also  build houses with used bottles.

*We  can  bring fresh colours to our daily  interior design.


Since the early decade people think more about recycling things to protect  the planet from its  own extinction.

Recycling is either economic or ecological .  It opens minds to new  ways of  thinking and  existing.  It lets  the spirits go abroad imagination’s skylines.


What about you: 


« Are you full of imagination? Can you limit your plastic’s daily consumption by saving and reprocessing it, and maybe become a new inventor or a new creator ?  « 

..Oh yeah body !  You should ! 

 “Plastic should be a high value material… [It] should be in products that lasts a long time, and at the end of life, you recycle it. To take oil or natural gas that took millions of years to produce and develop,  to make a disposable product that lasts in minutes or seconds, and then to just discard it–I think this is not a good way of using this resource. (Robert Haley)”
Susan Freinkel, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story