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Seminar for study in Japanese Universities : a chance to get, an experience to gain !

Japan is considered as the highest country in Sciences and technology. It contains many Universities that threaten all the files. and it permits to the student to study in one of their Universities, and made a seminar for study in japanese universities. giving them the opportunity to pass a test in the Japan embassy, and to follow studying in Japan. here are these Universities functions:
> Tsukuba University : Established in October 1973, as the first comprehensive university in Japan. Which covers various academic disciplines including:
– Agro-Biological Resource Science: it Encompasses a wide variety of subjects, particularly those regarding the relationship between humans and the environment. it reasearches biological sciences for agriculture, advanced life sciences, environmental engineering, and socioeconomics.
– Geoscience: Comprises two main fields of study: Geoenvironmental Sciences and Earth Evolution Sciences. these fields explore the processes on the Earth’s surface, in the Earth’s atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere etc.. and the interactions between natural environments and human activities. Earth evolution Sciences study how the earth’s materials, structures, processes and organism have changed over time.
– Biological Sciences: Faces the range of challenges in our century, From climate change to species loss, the emergance of new diseases, the need to feed a growing population etc… It gives students the opportunity to explore the living world at scales ranging from the molecule to the ecosystem.

> Tokyo University: it offers undergraduate degree programs and seeks to admit a select number of students who exhibit the potential for intellectual growth and leadership. It threatens many fields as : Arts and Sciences/Economics/Engineering/Agricultural and life Sciences/Medicine/ Science and Technology/ Public Policy.

>Ritsumeikan ans Kyoto University: Degree programms for international students. Encompasses 13 undergraduate colleges and 19 graduate schools across three campuses. And offering 16 programms for foreigners. which threaten Policy Science/Civil and Earth resources Engineering/ Urban managment/The global future of life,food and environment etc.. This university presents a selection of twelve new courses for international students which take full advantage of Kyoto University.

*the President of Kyoto University ( Hiroshi Matsumoko) said:  » You are invited to Join us. The degree programs represent the most recent example of Kyoto and Ristumeikan Universities, and give ambitious approach to education and research » .
These Universities permit to the Algerian students to study their special field, There’s a test in April, in Japan Embassy, for students, they take into consideration the English Speaking. do not loose this Chance if you want to gain it. you’ll find more informations in the likns above. make your dreams come true in Japan Universities !