Rules to be happy in life.

People find many difficulties in their life, they pass through delicate periods, some are easy to forget, some need effort, and some cannot be forgotten at all. However, we cannot stay disappointed for life, we need to move on, to learn from our experiences, to at least disminish the bad feeling we have, to accept the failure, those are the best ways to live peacefully and HAPPY.

*Here are some rules to be happy in life :

-Free your heart from haterd : everyone has a rival in life, they may mistreat you, but relax. Free your heart and mind from them, you don’t even need them on your life.

-Free your mind from worries : after every storm there’s a sunny day. Do not think too much, think about things that worth your effort of thinking, do not pass your time calculating fake worries. Everything pass in the end.

-Live simply : you don’t have to make efforts to live, people will like you just the way you are, you do not need to make yourself shown, make targets and do your best to reach them. Be as you have always been in life, physically and morally.

-Give more : when you have the opportunity to do good actions, do them without over-thinking. You will have peace of mind and find that good action in your life.

-Expect less : Never expect something from people, even when you do favor to them, do not wait them to owe it to you. You will succeed in life when you just count on yourself and no one else.

These are simple rules to be happy, everyone has the chance to live happily, peacefully, but in fact, people do not know HOW to find happiness when they just live in sorrows and sadness. Do not lose faith, do not lose hope, there’s ALWAYS a wire of happiness somewhere in you heart. Cherish every moment you live. And Be sinciere with yourself before being sinciere with others. >> Do not worry, Be happy ! <<