RESPECT: a give and take sense.


Respect, such a big word ! What does it mean?! it is a concept or does it really exist?

Respect is the most basic thing people should give to each other. Every person ask to be respected. People shouldn’t look at people and classify them by race, color, gender or way of life. They should treat everyone equal. It is part of different kinds of relations that exist between people. to give respect to someone means to accept other person’s opinions and be polite towards his thoughts and point of views. It is a give and take sense. there are many concepts that deal with RESPECT, among them:

Trust is one of the basic elements of respect. In a healthy relationship based on respect, both parts should be able to respect and trust each other’s identities.

Honesty is fundamental to respectful, trusting relationships. To trust, each part must know that the person is honest. Being able to openly communicate thoughts and feelings in a relationship without any problem makes it strong. A respectful relationship is one in which both parts are nonjudgmental and accept and value each other’s opinions, beliefs and feelings.

Fairness and Equality
Respectful relationships involve balance, which requires give and take from both sides. They should also have an equal share in making decisions.

Mutual Support
A relationship built on respect means that both parts have to be present for each other in good times and bad, in joys and pains, In every moment of their life.

Respect is something you gain through time. You cannot buy it. Respect every person, old or young, give them high respect even they treat you badly. Give MORE and expect LESS, always.
Respect: the feeling of honour .