Nanotechnology: the future?

The technological development has been incredible in the last few years, scientists are now able to understand and control multiple domains, thanks to nanotechnology.

First of all, it all started as the study of molecules, atom by atom, now the challenge is to manipulate those atoms so they can fit our very daily needs. For example, in medicine, nanotechnology gives us the ability to make and destroy different viruses so we can use them as antidotes or cures. These incredible discoveries might one day free the humanity of epidemic diseases and cancers.

On the other hand, the precise manipulation of the atoms in nanotechnology is a way to design everything you want, imagine a world where your car, your TV and even your house can change shape and fit into the need of the moment, engineers are creating that right now. The dream of a car that we could put in our pocket is not as far as we think it is…

As a conclusion, we can say that nanotechnology gives us infinite perspectives for the future, everything you dreamed about might be in your possession very fast…even faster than you can imagine.