I feel good because “I laugh”


We always start laughing when we face an unusual situation. Ex: When a friend of us falls down from a chair as he tries to sit-down.  We can laugh when we listen to comics. It depends on our temper’s degree.   Scientists proved that laughing is more possible when we are in group: We have 12 less chances to laugh alone than accompanied.

baby smile

A laugh is a reflex:

 In our morphological brain, we have different parts that adjust our body’s functions. And laughing is certainly beyond the indispensable ones. Laughing can be a secret arm against pain. In fact, we start laughing to calm down a stressful situation. But some people, in some unpleasant situations, can jumble up in a psychological pain: laugh and tears at the same time.

Laughter is healthy. It oxygenates bodies and brains.

As everything good in the world, laughing is an incisive double-edges weapon that can be wisely managed. Don’t laugh to hit the “laughing dead situation”.

And how cannot we talk about laughing times without happiness?

What about you?  Do you laugh more than 10 times a day?  Why?   


“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”

― Mark Twain