Have you ever heard about TED?


What is TED ?

Born 28 years ago, TED stands for : Technology, Entertainment and design. It is an important independent meeting held yearly in America. Its  main concept is “ ideas can change the world” -but not anyone- Indeed. It covers and vulgarise the  ideas  of personalities : influential, erudite and innovative in several fields from all over the world.  Bill Gates: the inventor of Microsoft, Bono: leader of groupe U2, Bill Clinton: former president of USA and other numerous international figures, have taken part in TED conferences.

The first experience held in 1984, got such a remarquable impact on the audience that gave the “LA” to TED’s firm.


What’s a TED’x?

As in Mathematics, ‘x’ is variable. Showing any country wishing to take part in TED adventure. Having the same principals, it enables any school, organism or foundation to organise  independent events & exceptional  hoists. Nowadays, more than 16000 conferences were held in the world and numerous perceptions and creations related to all sciences and arts were shared  freely via TED website ( )


Actually,  ALGERIA count   five TEDx event :  The TEDx Alger,the TEDxYouthCasbah, the TEDxAnnaba,  the TEDxAnnabaWomen, and the TEDxEPAU. The first  TEDxChrea , TEDxTizi Ouzou  and TEDxLaBrècheSquare  are  just up coming .


 TED  is more than an event , it’s a change’s step.