Freedom : what is it ? how to gain it ?


Freedom, nowadays is more a chance than a word to grasp for every young ! what is it ? how can young people gain it ?and what are the sorts of Freedom ?

Freedom, what a word this is ! known as self-ownership, We endeavor for it. We battle to gain it. This is mankind’s ultimate goal. And this is the theme of the post.
Each and every person has legal control of their own body and mind. There is another word similar to Freedom `Liberty` that every one want to gain. there are many sorts that can make people feel free, the most important among them are:
freedom of speech and expression : everywhere in the world, they can express themselves and talk freely about everything .
freedom from want : which means understanding between everybody in the whole universe, and which will secure to every young and teenager a healthy peacetime life, everywhere in the world.
People can find many ways just to feel free and happy, because it`s something very important in our life, it makes us feel secure, strong and be able to go far looking for our target. Freedom is a sensation of warmth into our hearts, feeling free is having peace of mind and being restful.
Ways to be free:
– Do not consider your problem as a big deal in life, because it just learns us about this acquiered experience..
– Fight for your freedom and happiness, knowing that after every strom there`s a sunlight.
– Pain cannot stay for ever, but freedom can.
– Face your problems even if it`s hard to do. you`ll feel better and free inside yourself.

These are the best ways to feel FREE in life. you must take them into consideration and apply them and know that what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger. Even if you live the darkest days and your life is just a storm you`re braving, well do not tell yourself you cannot lean on freedom, do not stop fighting to gain it ! because it`s the only way to succeed in life and this can make us feel more alive ! Freedom and Happiness are two feelings that cannot be taught. it`s mankind`s feeling and he`s the only one who can manage it and know how to grasp it.
Live FREELY ! Talk EASILY ! and be HAPPY ! Peace 🙂