English Language: the Gateway to the global growth.

English Language


Most people, from the beggining of college, start to learn English. It is a foreign language that play an essential role in our society. Many students think however, that learning English is difficult, or more impossible ! and that is just because they do not like it. and that unfortunately is a true failure for them.

In Algeria, we find that EVERY establishment, company,embassy, restaurant, etc… ask for the knowledge of English to every person who wants to join in order to obtain a job within one of them. if you do not have the mastery of English on your CV , you won`t be considered as well as people who master it. You should then make sure to have good basis, in vocabulary first, and search for more and more in every opportunity you take !

The discipline of learning English has been taken even on primary schools, but it is not applied yet. In order for students to have good basis from the beggining of their studies. Do not deny to learn English Language, more you have a high level, more it is good for you !